Somewhere in the world today, a traveller is moved by a young family living in poverty.  A connection is made and there’s a resolve to help.
At RoundTrip Foundation we lend a hand in turning that travel experience into real change in local communities. 


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At RoundTrip our philosophy is simple:

* We believe that travel can play a key role in fighting poverty. Your passport really is the key to change.

What does RoundTrip do?

* Through the generosity of travellers we assist local communities, help children in need, and fund local internships.

What makes RoundTrip different?

* We believe that all travellers – from backpackers to cruise boat junkies – can change the world.

* All of your donations go directly to our projects as we are run entirely by volunteers.


Get to know our projects in Southern Africa Africa map

* Click here to meet the interns we support in Zambia

* Click here to meet the kids we helped get an education in Namibia


  Get to know our projects in Sri Lanka  Sri-Lanka-Political-Map

 * Click here to learn about the orphans we worked with in Sri Lanka

* Click here to read about  the families in need we assist in Sri Lanka

* Click here for information on the victims of abuse we help in Sri Lanka



Become a part of RoundTrip Foundation today, and you’ll leave a legacy of lasting change in impoverished communities.

Make a donation or travel overseas and volunteer through one of our partner organisations.

Learn how to get involved today.


What's New

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    Crowdfunding does work!

    Our partner organisation in Zambia, Tikondane, recently held a trial fundraising campaign at Global Giving ( The results were heartwarming. Read More

  • bakery school group 2016-17

    Plans for the bakery school – July 2017

    Volunteer Sri Lanka, our project partners, are making plans to start two new streams of students in the bakery school: girls with special needs; and girls from impoverished households (with low-income parents). Read More

  • Tikondane interns in a program to train early childhood playleaders, Zambia

    Volunteering at Tikondane, Zambia

    Volunteering makes the world go round – or at least it makes life much better for so many people in eastern Zambia. Have you ever considered donating your time and skills? Read More