About Us

At RoundTrip Foundation we believe travel involves a responsibility to local cultures and people. We help travellers to complete their journey by giving back to local communities.


RoundTrip Foundation fights poverty by providing direct support to local communities in Africa and Sri Lanka. Through our various projects we establish and fund housing, education and basic welfare in developing countries. We do this by supporting our local partners – community-based groups and motivated individuals who know best how to help their own communities.


We have seen first-hand how these projects change lives, and love connecting travellers to local initiatives that create sustainable change. We firmly believe that together we can harness the power of travel to fight poverty.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, RoundTrip Foundation consists of a volunteer management committee. The committee meets on a regular basis and if you would like to view the minutes from any of our meetings, please email info@roundtripfoundation.org.au.


The work we do would be impossible without the invaluable support of a network of volunteers who help with fundraising, programs, communications and governance.