Bakery School 2017

Nine students graduate from our 2016-17 Bakery school – congratulations girls!


The students in our 2016-17 bakery school completed their final assessments in early February 2017, and a graduation ceremony was held at the end of the month. It was an exciting time for the girls and a very proud one for RoundTrip and Volunteer Sri Lanka, our partner organisation. Equipped with new English language skills and interview training, the graduates are well-placed to find work in the industry.


The next bakery school term has already begun, with a fresh batch of 10 students, and will run through until August 2017.


We are currently attempting to source further funding for our bakery school project, which is needing some major equipment, such as ovens and a freezer, along with assistance for its usual running costs.


With more than 90% of participants of the bakery school finding work, and to-date 17 girls reunited with their families, we are very keen to provide support for this wonderful project. It is managed by Mr Janaka de Silva, who runs Volunteer Sri Lanka. Janaka developed this project and does a fantastic job running the school. RoundTrip are proud to be involved.


RoundTrip Founder, Alan Murphy, will be spending a week at the bakery school in early May 2017. He will take this opportunity to discuss future plans, such as a stream for special needs students, employing a full-time counsellor, and widening our stream of job training.