• Plans for the bakery school – July 2017

    Volunteer Sri Lanka, our project partners, are making plans to start two new streams of students in the bakery school: girls with special needs; and girls from impoverished households (with low-income parents). Read More

  • Volunteering at Tikondane, Zambia

    Volunteering makes the world go round – or at least it makes life much better for so many people in eastern Zambia. Have you ever considered donating your time and skills? Read More

  • Bakery School 2017

    The students in our 2016-17 bakery school completed their final assessments in early February 2017. The graduation ceremony was an exciting time for the girls and a very proud one for RoundTrip and Volunteer Sri Lanka. Read More

  • Xmas appeal success

    A huge thank you to all our friends for your fantastic support in our 2016 Xmas Appeal. Families in Zambia received a chicken (for many their first meat meal for the year), and a package which included sugar, soap, soya and a snakes & ladders game for kids. Read More

  • Bakery school update

    The current intake of 12 students in the 2016-17 bakery school we support have entered their fourth month. Progress has been really pleasing. Read about our future plans to expand the school for special needs girls. Read More

  • Eastern Zambia on the Brink of Widespread Food Shortages

    Unfortunately, in mid-2016, the signs of widespread food shortages in eastern Zambia are starting to appear. As usual the reasons for hunger are complex and interlinked. Read More

  • Tikondane interns & 19 Steps out of Poverty

    In an exciting development in our Zambia program, the interns we support at Tikondane have taken on new responsibilities. Read about the progress of this exciting program. Read More

  • RoundTrip’s New Project

    Late last year when RoundTrip was in Sri Lanka, working with our partners at the orphanage, we had the opportunity to visit Henehasa Girls Home. Henehasa is a sad place and the visit was deeply disturbing. The home has around 76 occupants between 13 and 17 years of age. The girls are in the home for ‘their own protection’. They are mostly the victims of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Read More

  • Community Assistance Program

    RoundTrip is reaching out to vulnerable members of the community around Ella in central Sri Lanka. Our new Community Assistance Program will allow us to reach disadvantaged individuals and families. The program is community driven – we listen to local people, try to understand their issues and respond through our local program partner, Sarana (meaning ‘help’ in Sinhalese). Read More

  • Floods in Burma

    A series of monsoon rains has triggered massive floods that have affected more than 300,000 people in Burma/Myanmar. The eastern areas of Rakhine State, Sagaing Division and parts of Chin State as well as Irrawaddy Division in the south have been particularly affected. Reports indicate that there has been widespread damage to homes and infrastructure, drinking water has been contaminated and the country’s food supply is at risk. Read More

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