• Update on Housing Program (October 2014)

    Thanks to the generosity of our film night donors, and the Planet Wheeler Foundation, our housing program is going full steam ahead! We are repairing and improving three houses for families without adequate shelter around Ella in central Sri Lanka. Read More

  • Responsible Safari Travel

    As part of a regular blog series on travel in Africa, this month Alan (RoundTrip Founder) examines responsible safari travel. Does the choice of safari operator, and decisions taken during a safari, have repercussions for conservation and local communities? And what can you do about it anyway? Read More

  • In The Spotlight – Tikondane Interns

    RoundTrip Foundation is a strong supporter of the internship program at Tikondane Community Centre (Tiko) in Zambia. In coming months we will feature various interns ‘in the spotlight’, who talk about their lives, what working at Tikondane means and how being an intern has transformed their lives. Anne, a volunteer at Tiko, gives the following background on the program and the people. Read More

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