Our Projects

RoundTrip supports local communities through projects in Sri Lanka, Zambia and Namibia.

We currently support one project in Sri Lanka.  It helps teenage girls who are the victims of sexual and violent abuse in Southern Province to get back up on their feet through providing a course in cooking and baking skills leading to real employment opportunities.

We currently also have one project in Zambia. We support 14 local Zambian interns, together with our partner organisation Tikondane Community Centre, in Eastern Zambia. The interns are involved with a variety of programs designed to assist the local population in finding innovative solutions to problems brought about by living in severe poverty.

We have completed one project in Namibia. We refurbished a schoolhouse after it was washed away in floods. And we finished two projects in Sri Lanka: working with a children’s home where we improved health and hygiene outcomes for orphans; and  addressed the needs of disadvantaged families (especially those with disabled family members) in the region around Ella.

In 2018 we are hoping to bring two more exciting projects with great potential outcomes online: more about this as they come closer to fruition.


To read more about each of these projects and to view photos of the work completed please visit the following pages:


Current projects:


Past projects:


These projects are just the beginning. There is still much to be done, but we can’t do it alone. Through the help of generous donations and volunteers, RoundTrip can work toward empowering communities in Africa, Sri Lanka and beyond. Every donation helps. Every volunteer helps. Use your passion for travel to help improve the world around you.

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