Volunteering at Tikondane, Zambia

Ever considered a volunteer gig? It can be an incredibly rewarding way of giving back – especially at Tikondane.


Tikondane relies heavily on volunteers from all over the world. They make a huge difference to the quality of services that Tikondane can provide the local community. In April 2017, Tiko succeeded in registering with an agency which connects volunteer IT professionals with NGO clients. Over 130 highly qualified people from all over the world have declared their willingness to help Tiko extend its presence on the Internet! A wonderful breakthrough in helping to get the message out there, which will hopefully increase both volunteer staff and fundraising.


The group of interns in the photo above are involved with a new venture at Tikondane – they are receiving tuition from an Australian volunteer, Alisoni, regarding the training of early childhood playleaders. There are plans for Alisoni (who has been a big hit with everyone at Tiko) to train more volunteers, with these interns, supervising.


Volunteers are so important to the work that Tiko does within the local community of Katete in eastern Zambia.  They can typically get involved in many income-generating activities, from bread making to weaving, knitting, sewing and carpentry. There are also opportunities in early childhood care and education, adult literacy classes, training interns in management practices, and agricultural projects in the villages.


Check out this video of a Danish volunteer who spent some time at Tiko a few years ago, doing a health assessment and working with Christine, Tiko’s HIV/AIDs counsellor.


And if you think you may be interested in offering Tiko your time and skills, drop us a line here.