Coronavirus and RoundTrip Projects

People in developing countries are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 – keep track of the impact coronavirus is having on our projects and the countries where they are based

04 Aug 2020, 2:44 AM (GMT)

Sri Lanka COVID-19 Stats

2,828 Total
11 Deaths
2,524 Recovered

Our Bakery School project gives female teenage victims of abuse another chance at life

  • Sri Lanka has a reasonable, affordable healthcare system that has been well prepared for coronavirus.
  • At the bakery school, students have been shown videos about the importance of hand washing, refraining from touching their faces, social distancing and wearing face masks.
  • There is now a hand wash station outside the premises of the bakery school.
  • The school tailor-made face masks for all students and teaching staff until surgical masks are received.

04 Aug 2020, 2:44 AM (GMT)

Tanzania COVID-19 Stats

509 Total
21 Deaths
183 Recovered

We are partnering with the Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) to build a social enterprise

  • The Pastoral Womens Council (PWC) have trained over 178 local volunteers on how the disease spreads and have also trained 350 students to do a door-to-door hand washing campaign
  • Hand washing is very difficult in Maasai communities since in many places there is no tap water.
  • Maasai are employed in the tourist industry and have been affected by the complete hiatus of tourism.
  • The remoteness of many communities means that the spread of Covid-19 may be avoidable. But if it isn’t, then the disease and the lack of medical facilities will have a disastrous impact.

04 Aug 2020, 2:44 AM (GMT)

Zambia COVID-19 Stats

6,793 Total
173 Deaths
5,109 Recovered

We support a comprehensive, local internship program at Tikondane Community Centre

  • The health system is not prepared for a pandemic and it is unlikely that health workers will be provided with basic protective equipment.
  • Tikondane has lost most of its income – it relies on its tourist accommodation and its restaurant.
  • The crew have been educated about Covid-19 – handwashing with soap for 20 seconds and social distancing in particular. Buckets with water and soap are outside every building.
  • They are still teaching and supporting families to create sustainable kitchen gardens, composting toilets and healthy habits.
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