Family Support in Central Sri Lanka

Family Support in Central Sri Lanka


As of early 2018, this project was temporarily on hold. Despite its overwhelming success in the local community, in and around Ella, our project manager, Sena,  from Sarana, (‘help’ in Sinhalese) our partner organisation, was unable to continue in the role due to family and work commitments. Sena, with his boundless enthusiasm, energy and desire to give back to his community was an integral part of this project, so without him we were no longer able to sustain the work that needed to be. That may hopefully change in the future. But for now, we want to wish Sena and his family well, and thank them for their wholehearted efforts, in what was, one of our founding projects. And of course we wish the beneficiaries of our projects here all the best for their future, hopefully the ‘leg up’ Sena and RoundTrip provided will put them onto a future path filled with happiness.


Previous Project 1

Many families live in poverty around the district of Ella, and in the wider province, in Sri Lanka. Together with our local partner organisation, Sarana (‘help’ in Sinhalese), RoundTrip launched a Community Assistance Program in 2015. The program will provide flexible and immediate assistance, where it is needed, to disadvantaged individuals and families in Ella region and around Uva province. Drawing on our previous housing program, assistance could be in the form of minor house repairs for example. But we think flexibility is key to ensuring people receive the help they really need, so we will be listening to community concerns. So far we have identified the following priority groups and individuals for assistance:


  • children (especially education needs)
  • people with disabilities (especially kids)
  • elderly people
  • single mothers
  • families unable to attain work because of chronic illness or injury

Previous Project 2

Sub standard housing is a real problem in the district around Ella. Mud slides during the monsoon and water-borne diseases, such as dengue fever, are a constant threat, especially for families in poorly constructed homes. Working with Sarana, our first project was to build, repair and improve houses to provide a secure and healthy environment for local families to raise their children. Work commenced in 2012 and received a major boost in late 2013 through the generosity of our Film Night supporters and the Planet Wheeler Foundation. Our work on this program came to a conclusion in 2015. A huge thanks to everyone who supported this program. The families who have benefited are thriving, and a special thanks to our program partners, Sarana in Sri Lanka, who have worked so hard to improve people’s lives around Ella.

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