International Projects

Our current areas of operation are Sri Lanka and Africa.

Our projects support locals who make a difference in their communities.

We provide the means for sustainable change.

Community Internships

We currently support an internship program at Tikondane Community Centre in eastern Zambia which provides opportunity for young, promising Zambians to become leaders within their local communities. Tikondane performs crucial, and often life-saving activities  in and around the community of Katete. The internships give real opportunity and employment in an area that suffers from an 80% unemployment rate.

Tikondane has a goal of being independently financed within 10 years – it is in a very handy location being close to South Luangwa National Park. It has a lodge for accommodation and a restaurant serving delicious local food.

More information on the Community Internships

The Bakery School

This program gives teenage women in Sri Lanka training, employment and opportunity, after they have suffered the worst possible start to life. We are very proud to support a program which actively helps get the lives of young women, who have been the victims of sexual and violent abuse, back on track.

This is a wonderful program, and it’s largely due to our manager, Janaka De Silva who has been actively helping his community in Sri Lanka for many years. Janaka, through his extensive contacts in the hospitality industry, has enabled us to reach out to many workplaces and ensure that  the girls are able to secure an internship.

More information on the Bakery School

Social Enterprise

Our latest project is a partnership with the Pastoral Women’s Council in Tanzania and supports the construction of a social enterprise in the Makuyuni area, about 200km from Arusha.

RoundTrip has provided funding to help secure a piece of land that will be an ideal location for a cafe, souvenir/craft outlet and toilets. The local Maasai women will run the enterprise, and profits will be used to improve access to water, electricity and education within the community.

The aim is to develop a high-quality facility, with original and interesting products, that will provide tourists with a positive experience of local culture, as they head out to see the parks.

Further support from RoundTrip will be assessed as the project moves forward. The concept of proceeds from tourism financing development is a model that aligns well with RoundTrip values.

More information on the Social Enterprise

Former Projects

Completed and discontinued projects feature in our archive – there are three:


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