How We Go About It


RoundTrip Foundation and our projects were founded (and financed) based on the principle and practice of wealth redistribution.

We strongly believe that redistributing wealth and creating sustainable development is a key part of addressing global poverty.

Our model of operations contains the following key elements in our approach to sustainable development:

* Travel has a key role to play in the fight against poverty.

* All donations from individuals to RoundTrip go directly to our projects.

* There is an urgency attached to this work – we seek to impact as many people as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining good development practice.

* We will provide the means, but not the direction, for change which should come from local communities themselves.

* We seek to develop and support projects that have a large impact (the ripple effect) from small investments.

* Development needs to be flexible and take into account the changing needs within a community.

* We have a bottom-up, grassroots approach and make small targeted investments that act as a driver for sustainable change within local communities.

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