A volunteer helping to build a house for a family in Ella community, Sri Lanka

We welcome interest from people wanting to volunteer for us in Australia (we are based in Melbourne). We are especially interested in people with fundraising and social media backgrounds. But if you’d like to help out in an administrative capacity or at an event, we’d love to hear from you too.


If you are interested in volunteering overseas with our partner organisations (in Zambia and Sri Lanka), get in touch and we’ll provide you with some information. RoundTrip links volunteers with these organisations – we do not run volunteer programs overseas ourselves.

In Zambia for example, volunteers can typically get involved in many income-generating activities, from bread making to weaving, knitting, sewing and carpentry. There are also opportunities in early childhood care and education, adult literacy classes, training interns in management practices, and agricultural projects in the villages.


Contact us today to learn more about volunteer opportunities.