October is one of the harder months in the teaching structure, as students need to absorb a lot of learning and, importantly, demonstrate that they can maintain high quality standards in their baking. Some sessions in the past few weeks had to be extended, giving time for students to master dough making with yeast. The students really enjoyed this experience and we are confident that there are some excellent bakers are on the way! It’s been a rewarding time, and we are very grateful to our donors – a heartfelt thank you for your support, and for making the bakery course possible for these girls.


Student profile

Nadeesha is the youngest girl in the present bakery group and she has shown some incredible improvements during the past few weeks. She scored the highest marks on the first practical exam last week and her baking skills are excellent. She is also showing good leadership skills – she has been appointed the group leaded for the next four weeks. This is to help her gain more authority within the group as well as more confidence.

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