Excellent progress has been made by the students in the last three months (September – November 2017) – for example they have learnt how to make a variety of tarts, flans, cookies and biscuits from basic recipes. The girls learn the required skills, and demonstrate them through practical exercises (with the importance of quality control in baking also part of the lessons). In addition, students learned how to make toppings – useful for decoration, and the finishing of some products. In September, they had their first practical exam, and they all showed very good results.


October is one of the more difficult months in the teaching program at our bakery school. Students need to absorb a lot of learning and, importantly, demonstrate that they can maintain high quality standards in their baking. The students really enjoy the challenge and it’s wonderful to see them display enthusiasm and poise in their baking. This is often the time that the girls’ creativity and personality shines through in their baking – it’s a delight to see them develop as bakers and as young women.


In November extra sessions were arranged because some students had a clash with their school studies. Six students are re-sitting subjects in their high-school leavers exam – which begins during the first week of December. We encourage and support the girls to finish their school education, as well as participating in the bakery school programme.


All in all, the girls continue to make strong, steady progress towards their goal of a successful February 2018 graduation.


Excitingly, the special needs stream of our bakery school in Sri Lanka will begin on the 14th of December. We are looking forward to giving some of the most disadvantaged girls in the community in Galle, a real opportunity to change their lives.

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