After the 11th batch of students graduated on the 10th August, we appointed Nethi, one of the students from the 11th Batch, as the person in-charge of the 12th Batch – she is responsible for student conduct, discipline and pastoral care. Nethi is happy that she is now a paid employee and has a job that she very much looks forward to doing.

The 12th batch of our bakery school started on the 20th August, and we have 11 students enrolled in this semester, and they all seem very promising. Three of these young women have just come out of the girls’ home as they turned 18 years, and it’s the ideal time for them to have joined the bakery school. They are housed with Nethi until we attempt a reunion with their families.


Saroji’s story

We would like to share the story of Saroji who is in the present group of students and who scored highest in the first oral test.

Her father died of poisoning from illicit liquor in mid 2019. She joined the course to support her mother in raising her younger siblings; a sister and a brother, 14 years and 9 years respectively.  Saroji’s mother works in the tea fields, but recently she was attacked by a snake there, and she is now very afraid of going to work. Saroji is working hard in the course as she wishes to learn everything well. In January she will complete the course and we will assist her in finding employment, so she can help raise her sister and brother.


Statistics highlighting the school’s success

Some recent stats from the bakery school highlighting its amazing success since it began:

  •  79 girls have graduated from the bakery school program
  • About 93% have found employment
  • About 65% have been reunited with their families
  • 19 girls have married and 7 of them are proud mothers!


The Xmas Appeal

RoundTrip’s 2019 Xmas Appeal is now open and is raising funds for the school’s running costs and for desperately needed kitchen equipment, which includes: a digital scale, industrial blender, microwave oven, small freezer / refrigerator unit, two small stainless steel top tables, and pastry flattener machine.

If you are able to make even a small contribution to to our Xmas appeal, it will go a long way in helping these girls get a real second chance in life.

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