Our partner organisation in Zambia, Tikondane, recently held a trial fundraising campaign at Global Giving (globalgiving.org). The results were heartwarming.


The campaign was very successful: their target was to raise $5000 and to have at least 50 donors – in the end they raised $6147 in their allotted time period and had 69 separate donations.


The campaign was “Stop Malnutrition in 200 Under Fives in Zambia”: here’s a little bit about what Tiko are trying to achieve with young children in their local community.


Malnutrition is rampant in Katete, especially in under-fives (due frequently to diarrhea). Tiko has a supplement that will make them put on weight very fast and have a way to provide clean water, which is via a compost toilet. Given that drought is expected for many years to come, a water toilet will be out of the question. The soil that receives organic matter will be able to hold the scarce water for longer, which leads to a better harvest. Tiko also teaches local families how to grow a balanced diet cost effectively.

Malnutrition is rampant in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Nearly half of the children are stunted in growth, are underweight for their age and height, and have little immunity. One major reason is recurring diarrhea from unclean water, as well as a lack of knowledge about a balanced diet and how to grow it cost effectively.


A supplement for rapid weight gain can be provided for children, however, that would not stop the recurrence of diarrhea. A way to provide clean water to people in compounds to prevent diarrhea (where right now wells are located next to pit latrines or where there is an absence of toilets) is the compost toilet. Fecal matter is collected, saved for half a year and then used in compost heaps, which produce a high enough temperature to kill pathogens


Long-Term Impact
Long term, the compost toilet is the best solution to prevent disease from unclean water. The 16,000 people in Tiko’s catchment area will learn, over time, about the compost toilet and will hopefully get used to a principle that is abhorrent to their present thinking. The 85 Tiko crew members have accepted it and wish to have that toilet in their family compound, as they understand its value. Knowledge of a balanced diet and how to plant and look after the crops will prevent malnutrition for good.

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