RoundTrip was able to send $5000 to our project at Tikondane in Zambia over the December-January period thanks in large part to the generosity of people who donated to our Xmas Appeal.
The money was spent on seeds for new season crops, food supplies over Christmas, presents for children, and building blocks for Early Childhood Learning Centres. It will also help to pay for the upgrading of livestock yards where local subsistence farmers are breeding animals to not only eat, but also to sell in local markets.
Altogether, RoundTrip Foundation and our partner organisation, Tikondane, reached out to around 130 families (or approx 1300 people). It was a marvellous effort!  We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters, as are the many people who benefited from the incredible generosity shown to them this Xmas. Thank you to one and all.



Tiko Christmas party - Happy New YearChristmas party people living with AIDS - the kids

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