We take great pleasure in announcing that the 8th group of bakery students have now completed their course very successfully! The final practical and theory tests were conducted in September and October. The students have performed brilliantly, showcasing their newfound skills, and we were are very pleased with the standards they achieved.

The students had their graduation ceremony at a simple occasion held on 16 October and have already attended job interviews. Five graduates received a placement and will commence their internship/employment from early November. Three graduates who come from the same village will receive an internship in an industrial catering establishment. We expect all graduates to have their internships by the end of November.

The special needs students have also completed their course. We are pleased that we could become partners of yet another valuable social support project by training these young women and tutoring them in life skills. The group leader showed brilliance from the very start, and the twins who joined the course brought more love and challenges to the special needs stream. We also wish to highlight the achievements of three young women in cake decoration – with a neat and elegant performance in the final practical sessions, they will provide stunning decorative cakes to their future customers.

We have taken the initiative to direct the special needs students to suitable positions where they will be able to become self-employed after their internships. Two of the young women will have to wait 3½ months before they begin their internship, as they are too young for permanent work placements. All the others will start their internships soon and we have taken special care of the twins’ need for safety, care and supervision.

In some very happy news from one graduate, Sureni passed the course with flying colours and last week we met her mother. Sureni’s father has permanent paralysis and over the past few months her family has had significant financial struggle. Sureni’s brothers quit their school education and started working as sweepers at a tea factory to make a living. We are proud to say that Sureni was the first student to receive confirmation of her internship and from next week her two brothers will continue their school education, as she can support the family from her monthly wage. The school will also support her efforts with a monthly sum for the family and we are so pleased that the graduation of Sureni came at such a very crucial point in her life.

We intend to take a break now – the next course will begin in January 2019.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that contribute to RoundTrip Foundation, and the friends and donors of RoundTrip for their support throughout the year. This has allowed us to continue our social obligation, making a true difference to less privileged girls who are either victims of cruelty or who have special needs.

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